Global Internet Service Provider

DHI Telecom Group is a leading global IP telecommunication service provider to emerging markets, offering solutions over fiber optic backbones and satellite uplinks. We ensure safe, secure, and reliable voice, video and data communications through cost-effective, global service. We leverage our ground-segment infrastructure and teleport facilities in Frankfurt, Germany to provide end-to-end global communications services and solutions to military and government entities, ISPs, NGOs, Oil & Gas companies and commercial businesses operating in austere areas around the world.

For years, DHI Telecom Group and her flagship brand, SniperHill have been building quality lines of communication with boots on the ground in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Over three million have connected with loved ones back home, making SniperHill the largest internet provider in an active war zone.

DHI offers monthly, weekly plans and daily plans. All plans have unlimited data with no download or upload limits. There is no equipment to buy, no contracts, no credit checks and never any automatic billing. All plans feature true roaming. Use your plan anywhere on Base or across the country on the DHI network.

Signup and manage your account online on any DHI hotspot.

To Get Started:

  1. Connect to the strongest DHI Wi-Fi signal or plug in your existing in-room internet cable

  2. Launch your browser

  3. Click the “Register Your Account” icon on the landing page.

  4. Create new account

  5. Select the plan that's right for you and you're online

  6. You may also stop by our office

We look forward to serving you!