Using our expertise in technology and connectivity

for those in need. 

At DHI, we strive to make a positive impact on the world. In our everyday scope of work, we focus on keeping people connected in remote areas with little to no infrastructure. With DHI Global Outreach, we can provide products, support and opportunities for underserved homes, schools and businesses in need. 

To provide the tools and latest technology to those in need is not our only objective. We are dedicated to fostering relationships to create tailored, onsite support and technical guidance to our fellow leaders in need. We don't just provide hi-tech internet solutions and products, we educate and inspire leaders to embrace the new technology and become well versed in the world of technology we know today. 

The Montego Bay Christian Academy | Montego Bay, Jamaica

Most recently, the executive leadership team visited MBCA located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. MBCA is a nursery through sixth grade preparatory school that was lacking serious internet connectivity. With over 100 students and 11 classrooms, the facility was not adequately equipped to allow students and teachers to access the internet and utilize educational programs. 

In addition to building a more robust wireless network through out the facilities, DHI brought in laptops and smart TVs to create a state of the art computer lab. The executives of DHI took the time to formally train the educators on all of their new equipment and systems.


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