Before TravelWifi became what it is, it was one of many acquired arms of DHI Telecom, a leading internet service provider bringing connectivity to those serving in the U.S. military and Department of Defense so they could stay in touch with family and friends while overseas.

We set our sights beyond just the military space and looked to move into the commercial space as well. We knew we needed to pivot to an entirely new path forward, and we knew a transition of this caliber would be a challenge — but we also knew it was possible.

We redefined our brand architecture. We aligned the various acquired arms of our company through a masterbrand approach, consolidating everything under one power brand: TravelWifi.


Our Portable Hotspot devices are lightweight and allow you to connect up to 5 devices.  With 4G LTE speeds, secure Wi-Fi is always with you.

We're proud to have been the Portable Hotspot provider of choice for over half a million happy customers.

TravelWifi expanded global network allows you to connect anywhere.  With over 400 data plans, you can Go Further.